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Megan Love Erotic Photography

Erotic Photography for Escorts - model, Bridget Reed
Bridget Reed, Model from Nashville, TN

Female photographer specializing in erotic photography for high class escorts and other adult entertainers and models in need of professional images. Styles ranging from classic pinup and boudoir to fetish and artistic nudes.

I found Megan just by searching online for erotic photography in Nashville. I was nervous and unsure of myself prior to the appointment. Megan made me feel like we were long time friends. The shoot went smoothly, and we were able to do double what I expected. I guess we mesh! I look forward to more shooting and great times with Megan!!

Bridget Reed

Want to take your business to the next level? Make sure your pictures stand out from the crowd and contact Megan today!

Photographer for Escorts and Adult Models

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