Can Mcdonald's Restaurant and Burger King give you a blow Job? The answer is yes. The Mcdonald"s Resturant and Burger King name cannot give you the blow job.

Ronald McDonald and the King in the Burger King which is the corporate body can give you a blow job. They are the statutory person in statute that are capable of soliciting sex acts.

"The word "person" extends to and includes co-partnerships and bodies corporate and politic. "- Rhode Island Statutes Section 43-3-6

There are three writs of habeas corpus can be filed after a prostitution sting operation. The first federal writ that can be filed is the federal pretrial writs ( 28 USC Section 2241). The second writ is the state writ of habeas corpus which can be used pretrial or post conviction. You can look up the statutes in state law book. The third writ is the Federal post conviction writ that is used after the state's remedy has been exhausted (28 USC Section 2254).

The Writs of Habeas corpus is the only court action that allows the live man or woman to be heard. Congress and the state legislatures uses the word "applicant" or "party." It doesn't restrict it to persons. I won't uses the word "man" or "woman" in the court case. Zombies are persons and they exist as men or woman. You can refer to you (not yourself because the self is a spirit inside the body), as a non-person. You can claim to be an applicant and non-person. If asked if you are human, man, woman, homo sapiens, people, etc., you can say that you don't know what to be called. All the common words are construed to have legal meaning that gives the court jurisdiction. The only thing I can call me is a non-person.

In all other court action, you cannot be heard without an attorney because only person or attorney for the person can file the court action. This writs is easy write and file. It doesn't require much legal knowledge. Not every state offer it in forms for you to fill out. You can find an example in the law library civil practice handbook or look online.

The main points should be brought up in the writs is personation, slavery, and fraud. The cops and the court force you into personation. Personation involve pretending and acting for the person. involuntary servitude to do work and serve the sentence for a corporation you have no knowledge about. The court is pretending the statutory person attended the court hearing and trial when the person never attended. That is fraud and denial of due process.

What happen was that when you were born, the doctor filled out the medical report. There is an application behind the scene for an adoption. The name that you believe you own was given to the adoptee instead of you. The board of health is operated by secret societies members.

"Child" includes child by adoption."-C.R.S. 2-4-401 (2017)

The key word is "child." In statutes, the word "child" means a person by adoption. The archons are 4th dimensional beings. They operate the state. They cannot have jurisdiction over you. So the state formed a person that they have jurisdiction over.

In Locke Management Association v Martha Esch which is a case in Sacramento California Superior court, Martha Esch brought up that Locke Management Association is not registered with the California Secretary of State. They are required by law to register when they claim to be a corporation. The judge ruled that LMA doesn't have to register because they are a public corporation created by the Sacramento Housing Authority and not a business corporation. The certificate of birth is evidence a public corporation that is created by the State's Department of Health.

Many sovereign citizens believe that the person or corporation a fiction on paper. That is a myth. We are used to the idea that a corporation is a fiction. The name is a fiction but the body is not. The court is not looking for the fictional person or the name. They are looking for the physical person which is the body. A fictional name on a piece of paper cannot have sexual intercourse with anyone.

How does a corporation have sexual intercourse?

A corporation can have sexual intercourse because it is the Frankenstein monster and not a fictional construct. A corpse penis is sew onto the Frankenstein monster (corporation). The penis operates on static electric and it can penetrate. The statutes are written in the terms of commerce (selling doves). The Frankenstein monster can send doves out of the penis or it can use it's penis to penetrate the sex organs of another.

The corporation is made of individuals. The individuals are defined in 1 USC 8 and the corporation chapter in the state statutes.

It is clear that the individual is a decedent. What happen was that some Extra-Terrestrial being died behind the scene. The soul was extracted to make the person behind the scene.

This ET technology is based on doves. Doves is the basic unit in the 4th dimension. The clay that is used to make a person is dove based which is 4th dimensional and may be seen in the 3rd dimension. The ET have Frankenstein and Beautiful People technology behind the scene. The corporation is actually a Frankenstein monster.

The bible teaches about the body of Christ. The body of Christ is the Frankenstein monster. The individuals which are parts are jointed together to create the body of Christ. That is the corporation of Christ.

The prostitution laws regulate the beautiful people and the Frankenstein monster. It doesn't regulate you. What happen is the cops mistaken identify you as a person. The judge and attorneys forced you into a play to act as the Frankenstein monster that you never met.

That why you need a writs of Habeas corpus to demand the sheriff and the board of health to produce the Frankenstein monster that they illegally detain. You don't know if the Frankenstein monster commit the crime of prostitution. You want the Frankenstein monster (body politics and corporate) to come to court to face charges and you to be set free.

To address you (the self is something), you should use the all small name (ex. joe blow job) and sign in all small (ex. joe-blow:job). When you use a capital in your name, you are personating the Frankenstein Monster.

The judge may ask if you are the body. You have to tell the judge that you are not body politics and corporate. You are not the Frankenstein monster.

If I have to do a writs after getting caught in a sting operation, I will name the sheriff, police chief, arresting officer, director of the board of health, and the church I was baptized as the respondent.

If the sheriff and the cop doesn't produce the Frankenstein monster, I will ask court for contempt. That means the sheriff, police chief, and arresting officer goes to jail until the Frankenstein monster is brought to court. Now you got the court system in a pickle.

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