bychipjeep, July 10, 2013
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Megan Love
I think her website should carry a disclaimer something like this:

"WARNING: Enter at your own risk! This lady can be highly addictive! Seeing Megan can have an adverse affect on one's future 'hobby' experiences."

Let me explain. I first saw Megan around 3 years ago. At the time, I was making a conscious effort to experience all the variety this 'hobby' has to offer. I found Megan to be beautiful, sassy, sexy, and so much more. But even then I was just thinking she might be worth a second visit. I guess I was wrong...

Fast forward 3 years. I have honestly lost track of how many times I have seen Megan. I still stray from time to time but always find myself wondering why I bother. I have never been disappointed with other providers I have seen. It's just that none of them 'fit' me quite like Megan.

So what makes Megan so special? I wish I could tell you. She just has that special 'something' that just can't be quantified.

Or, maybe it's the wine... Nahhhh

bychipjeep, June 17, 2011
Megan Love
I have seen Megan several times now and will definitely be seeing her again. Beautiful lady, excellent french skills, and definitely a people pleaser. She is GFE personified!

I now count her as a friend with benefits (for a fee, LOL) because she makes every effort to make our connections about something more than just the physical. For many here, it is only about sex and money which is fine. I always desire more of a connection than that and so does Megan.

She is smart, sexy, sassy, opinionated, fun, funny, sometimes a little freaky, talented in many ways, ... You just have to meet her to understand what a complete package she is. Oh, and did I mention she digs chicks too? We did a 'doubles' once that was just awesome!
bychipjeep, April 15, 2011
Megan Love
It truly doesn't get much better for me. One of the best damn gfe's I've ever had! If you are looking for a pse experience, Megs may or may not be your girl. She certainly enjoys her 'kinks' but does have limits.

If some amazing french, a great figure, and an all-around fun girl is your thing...lock her in!! I've now seen Megs 4 times and simply can't get enough!
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