bygentlemanintenn, November 28, 2013
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Megan Love
If I could reclaim the essence of Marilyn Monroe, add a higher level of intelligence and an extra portion of feistiness … I would discover Megan Love! I can hear Megan saying my favorite Marilyn Monroe quote: “When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I'm already better than them.” Megan seduces without attempting to do so; it is impossible to be in her presence without desiring her. She defines who she is without caring about what others would have her to be, but she is somehow able to be that which every man needs for her to be! When I left her, I was able to reconnect with the spirit of JFK, knowing how he must have felt the night Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President!”

When one looks at the old photographs of M.M., they are immediately taken by her beauty. The same is true of Megan Love. I cannot say whether or not M.M. lived up to her photographic image, but I can say that Megan Love far exceeds even the captivating photographs of her that paint such an accurate portrait of her true spirit. I do not ever give details concerning my time with a true lady (other than what would be expected from a gentleman), but the following should suffice for any man: No man was ever welcomed into a private moment with Marilyn Monroe and walked away unchanged, nor walked away without feeling as if they had just had a moment in time that would not soon be forgotten! The same and much more, is true of Megan. If you are extremely lucky, she may see you. And if she sees you, you will leave knowing what it feels like to be JFK for a brief moment in time!
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