You can find answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about SouthernGFE.

 General Questions

Answers to the most common questions we get about SouthernGFE.

Who can register on SouthernGFE?

We only allow independent escorts to register on our website. There are no memberships or private sections.

Do you have ratings or reviews for escorts listed on SGFE?

No. We believe that reviews of companions are generally in very poor taste and are often embellished or falsified in some way. Not only do reviews inevitably lead to degrading remarks, resentment, or manipulation, but they tend to give false impressions of what companionship actually means. Every companion is unique, and each experience should be equally unique. While we could implement a review system that allows users to rate a simple Good/Bad experience, we find it best to disable reviews and ratings of companions entirely.

However, we allow reviews for resources listed in our Directory. Resources include photographers, web designers, hosting, screening services, etc.

If you don't allow reviews, how can I be sure an escort is legitimate and safe?

We understand that researching and hiring a companion can often be fraught with uncertainty and skepticism. Although we don't allow reviews of companions on our Directory, we do have a "Report" button you can use should you have any problems with a lady listed on SouthernGFE.

Instead of allowing reviews and having drama and insults play out in public, we would rather research any possible dangers, threats, or violations of our TOS ourselves. If we find a companion using deceitful or harmful practices, we will remove her from our Directory.

 Directory Questions

Our directory has listings for many cities in the USA. These are answers to some of the most common questions companions have about our directory and directory listings:

How do I get a Listing?

  1. Register on the site & follow the prompts
  2. Click the confirmation link sent to your email
  3. Wait until you receive an "Account activated" email
  4. Log In to SGFE
  5. Go to your base city on the Directory
  6. Click the 'Add your listing here' button
  7. Fill out the form

It's that simple! Your listing will need to be approved by an administrator. This usually takes between 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

Do I have to pay?

No. SouthernGFE was established to give companions simple alternatives to predatory advertising websites and the outrageous rates many escort directories charge. There are no subscriptions or payments to get a listing on our directory. Directory Listings are 100% FREE and will always be free.

Our focus is on fostering safety and professionalism, not making a profit off companions who already have limited choices and are targeted because they represent one of the most vulnerable demographics.

What are the requirements for a listing?


  • be 21 years old or older
  • be 100% Independent
  • have a website that you control
  • add our banner or text link to your website
  • keep your listing updated with accurate info


  • advertise or suggest any illegal activities
  • be working for an agency or anyone else
  • add overly graphic photos
  • use your listing to deceive or give a false impression of who you are

How many listings can I have?

You can have 1 listing on the directory that is considered your "base city." But your listing can be added to 3 additional cities if you frequently travel to those areas. The additional cities can be considered extra base cities or touring cities. All cities(base and additional) can be changed whenever you edit your listing.

How many photos can I have?

You can add up to 8 photos for your listing. These can be changed at any time. Nudity is acceptable, but you must NOT add any overly graphic images. Please be aware of size and dimension restrictions when adding images. These restrictions are listed when you are editing your profile.

Currently, your images need to be at least 400x400 pixels and under 2MB. For best results, keep your uploaded images no larger than 1,200px(width and height).

What is a Verified Listing and how do I get one?

Verified listing has priority in the directory and gives potential clients more confidence in knowing that your profile represents a legitimate companion. Your profile will have a Verified label, and your listings will appear above non-verified listings on cities and other pages of the directory.

To get Verified, you must meet (1) of the following requirements:

  • Send us a short video(stating your name, age, and current date)
  • Send us a photo ID(Driver's License, Passport, etc.)
  • A previous shoot with Megan Love Photography and she can vouch for you

We understand the concerns you might have about privacy and anonymity. Any information sent to us is deleted from our servers once the verification process has been completed.

* Being Verified is NOT a requirement and doesn't affect your advertising ability on the website.